Ted Greenberg

Ted Greenberg
Ted Greenberg brings to his clients over 30 years of experience in real estate. Ted understands the owner’s perspective more thoroughly than other brokers having personally owned and operated multifamily and commercial properties.

The Ted Greenberg team delivers a professional experience enabling their clients to conclude successful transactions. The successful sale of many apartment communities and other investment properties throughout the St. Louis Metro Market has given Ted a detailed understanding of the markets, submarkets and micro markets which affect his clients.

Tracking occupancy and performance across the region Ted regularly completes Quarterly Market Reports for his clients. (To view and sign up to receive these click here.)

Continually striving to have the most information the Ted Greenberg team also publishes a newsletter focused on the multifamily and related activity within the region, plus the team provides additional information and articles of interest to multifamily owners and operators. To view and sign up to receive these click here.

Direct marketing systems strive to inform the Ted Greenberg Team clients of available properties on the market. To view and sign up to receive these click here.

Ted Team Advantage

Our Advantage:

Ted is focused on multifamily investment properties and has successfully closed many investment transactions throughout the Metro Area. He is familiar with the sub-markets within the region and how they differ and perform. See many other reasons he is the preferred real estate broker for many multifamily transactions.

Specialized Multifamily Services:

A thorough understanding of the psychology involved with real estate transactions also enhances the service Ted provides. Understanding how buyers and sellers think allows Ted to interact more comfortably his clients. He is able to see purchaser’s and seller’s positions and better assist his clients with negotiations and strategies.


Valuation assistance can be gained through broker produced Opinions of Value as well as full appraisals.