The Ted Team Advantage:

Investment Specialization

Ted is focused on multifamily investment properties and has successfully closed a substantial number of investment transactions throughout the Metro Area. He is familiar with the sub-markets within the region as well as the neighborhoods within the submarkets. Many times when owners call in Ted will be familiar with their property’s neighborhoods. He spends most of his time focused on multifamily sales and operations giving him a very specialized background and an expertise superior to most other brokers.

National Platform

Ted and Multifamily STL utilize a number of marketing avenues directed at national audiences. Through our aggressive marketing Ted has recently sold complexes to investors from California to Nashville. We are getting calls from investors across the country with concentrations in lower cap markets such as California, Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Florida and New York all looking to the Midwest for higher returns and have successfully sold many complexes to out of town buyers.

Successful Experience

Success leads to success. Ted has closed many transactions and brings over thirty years of experience. Ted Greenberg is the ideal broker for investment property sales because he has a long history of successful transactions. (See partial sold map).

Superior Owner Knowledge

Over the past 20+ years Ted has logged contact information and maintained a database of owners and managers of investment real estate in the St. Louis region. Because of this and other marketing Ted is well known by local investors. Consistent maintenance of this ever growing database has allowed Ted to collect buyer and seller information for many years giving him records on the majority of active multifamily owners within the St. Louis are market as well as those who are looking here from other locations..

Marketing Knowledge

Ted has an intimate knowledge of the locations and micro markets within the St Louis region. He is aware of current and past transactions and how each property fits into their markets. With his focus on multifamily Ted is speaking with owners of multifamily complexes every day all day giving him intimate street knowledge and an understanding of how buyers and sellers perceive opportunities and the best ways to present them to achieve superior results. Ted continually reviews trade magazines and keeps up with the current trends in multifamily design, operations and service models. All of this contributes to an expertise unmatched by other real estate brokers.

Negotiation Expertise

After negotiating hundreds of transactions and working with many divergent situations over his 30 plus years in the business Ted brings to his clients the experience of thousands of different situations. He is familiar with negotiation strategy and psychology as well as having the background to develop creative approaches to maximize his clientss returns and expediate successful transactions..

Enhanced Client Communication

Ted maintains contact with his investors through continual communications with Newsletters, Quarterly Market Updates and marketing emails.

Results Focused Broker network

Scanning the membership of the real estate boards as well as other sources the TG team has a superior list of the active real estate community. The have compiled marketing lists which enable them to reach the vast majority of all commercial brokers in the region as well as the residential brokers with clients who have purchased investment property in the past. This network allows the TG Team to obtain superior results by reaching the greatest market of potential buyers.

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans are developed for each listing. Multiple steps are mapped out to provide consistent and focused campaigns designed to maximize exposure and provide results. This marketing process allows each asset to achieve the maximum market price. (See marketing plan details here)

Marketing Networks

Ted uses Loopnet, CoStar, The Commercial Information Exchange, Realtor networks, the colliers website as well as this website to directly get information out to the active purchase community. If someone is looking to buy real estate they will likely approach an investment broker and let them know. Ted is able to reach more active brokers in the St Louis Market than other real estate companies. If Ted does not know an active buyer you can feel confident another commercial broker does and will deliver the information. Through aggressive email campaigns Ted is able to maintain contact with nearly all active brokers and agents in the market.

Enhanced Technology

The TG team levers email and online resources to provide superior results for their clients. Email, websites, databases and virtual data room technologies allow for rapid dispersal of information on new opportunities.

Institutional Understanding

Teds varied experience includes both private clients and institutional real estate companies. He understands how these institutions view opportunities for acquisitions and dispositions.

Consultative Brokerage Style

Ted primarily uses a consultative Brokerage style. This is focused on providing his clients with information so that they can make the most informed decisions and achieve the best results. Showing the client how a property can be enhanced or repositioned gives the client more options to consider. Seeing alternative solutions to problems allows our clients to make the most informed decisions.