Ted Greenberg and his St. Louis Team are focused on their clients and driven to find solutions. Ted is an experienced and skilled transaction specialist taking 30 years of experience and enhancing it using best practices refined by thousands of brokers.Ted and his team provide the highest level of service and are continually refining these systems.

Ted’s team is focused on generating the highest levels of service for owners and managers of investment real estate. Within the multifamily specialization Ted is continually focused on market knowledge and understanding the newest and most effective operation and financing techniques.

Ted also produces a newsletter focused on topics of interest to multifamily owners and operators. Most of the information is local with some general information selected by Ted to enhance his client’s knowledge or operations. You can access the most recent newsletter here, and sign up to receive them regularly here.

More information on Ted and the advantages he offers is available here.

Ted and his team publish quarterly updates on the rental market overall as well as submarkets within the overall market. You can access the most recent reports here (link drops you to lower on the page), and sign up to receive them quarterly here.


Watercolors on Walls? You Bet!

Watercolors on Walls? You Bet!

Watercolors on Walls? You Bet! By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine Want to make a bigger statement with a wall? Watercolor wallpaper can add some pizzazz and wispiness to an otherwise blah wall in the home. Pinterest called watercolor wallpaper one of the...

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